About Mike

Civic Activist-Lawyer-Small Business Owner

Mike McMenamin
Mike McMenamin is a 21 year resident of Arlington County has a wealth of experience as a civic leader.  He is the immediate past President of the Arlington Civic Federation.

He has long been active in his community, previously serving as President of the Maywood Community Association, as well as serving as a member of the Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee (FAAC).

In 2006 and 2007, Mike ran for Arlington County Board on a platform of “responsible government” that would repair and replace our infrastructure, pave our roads, fund neighborhood conservation and control the tax burden, rather than favor special projects for special interests.  Time has confirmed his judgments that cancelling projects like the streetcar and scaling back the Long Bridge Park Aquatics Center were the right decisions.

Mike was endorsed by the Washington Post in 2007 and the Arlington Sun Gazette in 2006 and 2007.

The Post asked that “Arlington voters should shake things up . . . with Michael T. McMenamin . . . {W}ith his impressive knowledge of issues large and small, Mr. McMenamin would push the board to think through decisions.”

The Gazette stated that “McMenamin understands the looming fiscal crunch the County government is facing, and knows that many neighborhoods and their residents are feeling shut out of the current county government decision making process.”

His tenure as President of ACCF and his neighborhood association, as well as his work on FAAC, not only gives him the experience to be effective on day one, but offers a proven record of working to engage neighborhoods and to build consensus around pressing county issues.

Mike is an attorney, homeowner, and small business owner. He and his wife Kristam have two children, Patrick and Riley, both of which attended Arlington County schools. Patrick is a graduate of Washington-Lee and Riley currently attends HB Woodlawn. Mike is also a former Arlington youth sports coach.


Mike and Kris