McMenamin Opposition To Tolls On Interstate 66

ARLINGTON, VA. — Mike McMenamin, Arlington County Board candidate, today announced his opposition to placing tolls on Interstate 66 traffic inside the beltway during rush hours within two years.

“The state should consider that I-66 was already paid for once,” McMenamin said. At least on I-95, new roadways were built when toll lanes were added, he said.

“I especially want to keep through traffic on I-66 and off our surface streets,” said McMenamin, running as an independent in the Nov. 3 election.

But McMenamin was open to widening the road if it is kept within its current confines. “While I don’t like the idea of having to widen 66, I fear the state is inevitably going to do just that. After all, the Virginia Department of Transportation owns the road. So, I have taken the position that Arlington must strike the best deal possible. The road should be widened within its current confines, and no further. As you know, the widening has already begun to happen with the spot improvements done a couple years back.”

Single-passenger vehicles are already banned eastbound in the morning and westbound in the evening. But a number of single-passenger drivers defy the rule and take I-66, risking tickets. And the two-passenger carpool requirement for free passage is supposed to rise to three a few years later under the Virginia Department of Transportation’s plan.

That could push more two-passenger vehicles onto our streets. Expect more traffic on thoroughfares such as Lee Highway, Arlington Boulevard, Wilson Boulevard , Old Dominion, Drive George Washington Memorial Parkway and Washington Boulevard, he said.

“If you just cross the border on 66 into Fairfax, you can see that they are making plans for Arlington.  Why not try to use our voice to get the best deal we can in the future of 66 for the both the county and its citizens?” McMenamin said.